Presenting The Skycourt, newest member of the DLF Gardencity family, it will be an iconic complex with its strong and powerful architectural vocabulary in Mediterranean style. Individual apartments have large continuous balconies which become an outdoor space binding the entire apartment; you can be here and relax your senses by gazing at the sky and stars above or the manicured landscaping below.

The Skycourt is a large complex separated into two separate smaller complexes which are self sufficient with their pool, fitness center, kids play area and parking. Common facilities like multipurpose hall are in a separate stand alone building shared by both the sub complexes. Hence, The Skycourt truly offers the benefits of a large as well as a small complex.

For more information, please contact to Ms. Monica Kalvani
Mobile: +91 9999369991

The part of the Project land has been provided as security to Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd(IBFSL) and NOC has been obtained from IBFSL for allotment, development, construction, sale, transfer, conveyance of the apartments/ units to be constructed on the Project Land.