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The Pearl Vision

Continuing excellence in service standards.

Pearl Group of Companies is recognized as a reputable industrial house in India. We have over 40 years of work experience in varied sectors. At Pearl, we aim to go beyond our customer expectations.

Pearl Spaces - Initial Thought

Pearl Spaces is the newest venture under the Pearl umbrella and is headquartered out of New Delhi, India with a branch office in Gurgaon.

We recognize the need for transparency in this unorganized sector of real estate in India.

We recognize the business model, as real estate is an asset class that is always in demand. Weather it is for investment or for ownership of a house, property is an essential part of every portfolio.

We want to explore the demand potential and bring in transparency into the system.

Why PEARL chose the real estate India story?

The real estate landscape in India is developing at a pace like never before. Pearl Spaces recognizes this as an opportunity. We create a clean platform for buys and sellers to come together to tap in on the growth story of this sector.

The foreign direct investment (FDI) in the retail segment itself is leading to the creation of new colonies in various parts of the country. Commercial development is moving hand- in- hand with residential development.

To start with, the National Capital Region (NCR), the political arena, is an important focal point in our country. It is the most important developing commercial and residential space in the Indian market. A large section of multinational firms and corporate India is based out of this area. This, in turn, makes it a popular region for residential demand as well.

Our area of concentration expands from NCR, to the major metros and moves as far as opportunities in the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the country. We have our foot in every viable real estate opportunity.

We have brought together a dedicated team of sales associates, who deal in upcoming/existing real estate projects. RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces also offers investment consultancy.

Beyond the usual

The collaboration of Pearl Spaces with RE/MAX led to the creation of that sort of a boutique firm. This global tie- up sets us apart in the Indian real estate market. RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces offers unbiased advice on real estate investments.

Company: RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces

RE/MAX is a world- renowned player in the real estate market. The current network of RE/MAX associates spans over 90, 000 people who are spread in over 90 countries all over the world.

In joining hands with them, Pearl Spaces has brought the consumer to an array of domestic and international real estate investment opportunities. As RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces, we have access to a common platform with all associates on this global scale.

RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces is a pioneer in the Indian real estate market with access to a tested real estate sales model. This model, offered by RE/MAX, has been implemented successfully across the globe.

The services focal point of RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces is two- fold:

The Consumer

  • The Domestic Consumer: To create a level playing field for all who seek to invest in real estate as an asset class. As the world shrinks figuratively; we bring real estate opportunities for all on a global platform. The consumer gets to choose from a vast array of properties.

    RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces works with market leaders, and in some cases, market makers. This brings forth an opportunity to be ahead of the curve.

    We also join forces with national level developers. This offers higher chances of sale/ purchase through our rich listing services. We also tie up with strong regional players across the country.
  • The International Consumer: As the country develops, the India story unfolds with many opportunities. The international markets turn towards these opportunities by means of asset classes to tap.

    The Indian real estate development has generated handsome capital appreciation for many to sit up and take note. The average appreciation of capital over the past 10 years has been 15%- 20% per annum.

    The interest in the real estate market has grown every year. And with the surge of FDI into this sector, it is expected to grow at an incredible pace hereon.

The Associate

To provide opportunities to a host of entrepreneurs. We create entrepreneurs by way of an associate model.

The associates of RE/MAX/ Pearl Spaces are encouraged by means of:

  • An international database of well researched properties
  • Power of a strong network of peers
  • An exclusive user group
  • Nominal capital investment
  • Maximum commission structure